No Longer be Able to Offer Two-year SSL/TLS certificates

  • 30th July 2020
Starting Thursday, August 30, 2020, OneSSL.Net will no longer be able to offer two-year public TLS certificates due to an industry-wide requirement set by Apple and Google, stating that any two-year TLS certificate issued after August 30, 2020 will be distrusted in their browsers. Any two-year TLS certificate issued before 12:00am UTC on August ...
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SSL Certificate Validity Will Be Limited to One Year by Apple’s Safari Browse

  • 21st March 2020
Starting Sept. 1, Apple’s Safari browser will no longer trust SSL/TLS leaf certificates with validity of more than 398 days. (This is the equivalent of a one-year certificate plus the renewal grace period.) Other types of SSL/TLS certs, including intermediates and roots, are unaffected. Apple announced their unilateral decision at a face-to-face ...
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E-Mail Domain Control Validation (DCV) Method available in dashboard

  • 12th December 2019

What's New?

  1. Added E-Mail Domain Control Validation (DCV) Method.
  2. Fix with FILE DCV plain text view bugs.


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你好(nín hǎo) Chinese Now Available in New Certificate Platform

  • 3rd November 2019

What's New?

  1. Added Chinese language.
  2. Domain Control Validation optimization



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